The 0x60 or 60H error in Epson printers are a result of sensor issues that users experience while working with the device. These sensors are usually known as PW sensors attached to the device. This error can also execute in other Epson printer models such as B-308, B-508DN, B-310N, B-318N, B-510DN and B-518DN. Below users will be provided steps to Fix Epson Error 0x60 Or 60H In B-300 & B-500 Models .

Steps to Fix Epson Error 0x60 Or 60H in B-300 & B-500 Models

Step 1: Clean Out the Sensor

Clean out the printer sensor part with the help of rod cotton and by putting a slight moisturizing process as suggested by Epson Printer Support Service technicians. Here the sensor is indicated by number 2

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Step 2: Check for Any Kind of Sensor Error

Verify that there is not a single piece of paper or even a tiny object is left just under the carriage at its right side to remove the error code 0x60 or 60H in these two models. Have a proper look for the stalled printer to see whether there are any other kind of errors exist in the device

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