Error Code 024-965 on Dell Printer typically appears when the tray is full and but the paper settings are different. You need to change the settings of the printer to fix Dell Printer Error Code 024-965 effortlessly. Dell Printer Support Number will help your efficiently whenever such situation appears.

Dell Printer Error Code 024-965

Dell Error Code 024-965 is the result of the mismatch between the settings of the paper in the Pc and the size and type paper in the printer. A conflict appears between the system and the printer. When you pass a specific print command for specifically requested paper settings, the printer fails to perform it. The printer assumes that the paper tray is empty and thus the error occurs.

Efficacious Step by Step Process to Troubleshoot Dell Printer Error Code 024-965:

When the conflict arises between the printer and the system, you will not be able to pass printing command. This error code will keep on emerging affecting your printing process. Om such occasions, either you can read the blog out or connect with Dell Printer Repair Services.

  • First, you need to generate power in the printer check for the error on the screen again.
  • Make sure that the tray is full of paper from where the printer is going to pull the paper.
  • Check whether there is the paper in the tray or not. Also, verify the size of the paper.
  • Make sure that the size of the paper is the same asset for the printer.
  • Ensure that the length and width are also set to correct paper size.
  • Check the paper specification and thus set the paper size to Auto on the operator panel.
  • Ensure that the paper source in the print driver properties is set to ‘Auto’.
  • Check the paper size sensor thoroughly on the paper tray.
  • Make sure that the paper size sensor moves freely.
  • Run diagnostics on the Cassette 1 No Paper Sensor if the error recurs.

Apply the above-mentioned solutions as mentioned to get rid of such troubling error.

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