The Dell Printer Error Code 007-340 and 007-341 restart printer Error appear when IOT Motor has failed. The primary cause may be Print Head Device (PHD). Well, many of the Dell users encounter this error and face troubles. So, if you are one of those users who experienced the same problem, then don’t need to worry about it. As it’s suggested by the Dell customer support experts, this error can be easily fixed with the simple troubleshooting steps. Here the blog will guide you very easy steps to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 007-340 and 007-341, so you just need to follow these steps which given below.

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Error 007-340 and 007-341:-

Step 1:- Cycle Power on the Dell Printer

  • First, turn OFF your Dell printer.
  • Then wait for some time at least 10-15 seconds.
  • Next, turn the Dell printer ON.

Now check the Error 007-340 and 007-341 still occurs, if yes, then go to the next step.

Step 2:- To Remove PHD Unit

  • First of all, remove the paper tray of your Dell Printer.
  • Then open the front cover.
  • Now, put a piece of paper on the transfer belt to keep it from scratches and from light damage. Make sure that you don’t need to cover the left and right of the belt guards with the paper.
  • Then you will need to rotate the four stoppers of the PHD counter-clockwise 90 degrees to release the locks.
  • Next, remove the PHD unit in the direction of you by pulling it from the left and right handles.
  • Then lift up the PHD unit from the printer. Be careful to keep away from scratching the transfer belt.
  • Now, remove the packing tape by pulling straightforwardly.
  • Then reinsert the PHD.
  • Now, close the front cover.
  • If the error recurs with the PHD Unit re-seated, then please try to another PHD from a working 2130CN Laser Printer, if it’s available.
  • If the issue recurs after trying another PHD or no PHD Unit is available, then go to the next method.

Step 3:- Run Diagnostics on the Vertical Transport Assembly

  • Turn the printer off using the power switch on the left side of the printer.
  • Press and hold the up and down buttons while turning the printer on. Then release the buttons when the option “Customer Mode” shows on the Dell printer LCD.
  • Then hit the down arrow while the option “IOT DIAG” shows, and then hit on “Select” button.
  • Now, click on the down arrow while the option “Digital Output” shows, and then hit on “Select” button.
  • Hit the up arrow while “DO-64” option come out, and then hit on “Select” button. Make sure, a motor noise should be heard from the printer.
  • Then hit “Cancel” button to stop the test, and then hit “Menu” to exit the diagnostics menu.
  • Then turn the printer OFF, and then back on to resume normal operation.
  • In case, if the motor noise was not heard, or the sound of the motor was abnormal, then you repair it immediately.

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