The Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson printers generates when users have unexpectedly turned off the scanner and has inaccurately established a connection. It may happen that users may are not alerted with any type of indication. Other reasons include restarting of the computer after the installation of the scanning software is completed. Here we will take you through steps to Fix Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson Printers.

Steps to Fix Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson Printers

Step 1: Working With the Event Manager Program

  • Ensure that the “Event Manager program” is not at all blocked by the firewall or via any other security software. Users need to start the scanning process.
  • Now, launch the Epson scanning process.
  • Ensure whether there are any large part of the document which is being scanned at a high resolution, as it may lead to network communication error. So, making attempt to scan again at a lower resolution is recommended to get rid over the issue faster.

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Step 2: Turn off The Scanner

  • It is suggested by Epson printer support phone number technicians to turn off the scanner and then, again turn on to restart the printer.
  • Check for the proper connectivity settings whether the printer’s “Scan Settings” connection works accurately or not?
  • Make sure that the “Connection setting” is set to the Network mode. Now, click on the Test button.
  • If it is your OS X then, open the “Applications folder” first and tap the Epson Software icon
  • Users are required to click the “EPSON Scan” Settings icon to establish a proper connection to the Network. Hit the “Test” button

Step 3: Disable Any Firewall as Well as Other Anti-virus Software 

  • To go ahead with this step, do ensure that the “Timeout Setting” option in the Epson Scan Settings is accurate to have a proper scanning process over a network.
  • Users should disable the firewall or any other anti-virus software on the wireless router.
  • If the “Network product is not available: currently being used by user” message appears on the screen then, communication issue is the actual cause. Restart the scanner device in this case.
  • Do ensure that the “Epson Scan on a network” process supports IPv4.
  • Get access to the ‘Epson Scan Settings” icon and hit the “Add” icon. Enter the IP address for the scanner accurately.

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