Canon pix ma is a great INKJET printer that is perfect model for both home use and small-scale business printing. It has the ability to print in any format depending upon your command. But, like any other printers, Canon pix ma hampers your work with error codes and messages. These codes represent certain problems in the machine which can be easily fixed with our experts who know al tricks to fix Canon U150 Error.

Fix a Canon U150 Error

Follow the steps we have directed below to be successful at your mission! If you have lack of knowledge about printers, then don’t take the risk to do it alone. Talk to our experts and get suggestions by dialling our toll-free number.

Easy ways to Fix Canon Error Code U150:

  1. Turn off your printer immediately and open the ink tray. It is located at the top of the printer, above the paper tray.
  2. If you have any non-Canon cheap quality ink cartridge which might have been causing error in the machine, remove it. The lights on the in tray will indicate which cartridge(s) is causing problem.
  3. Take a new Canon Pixma ink cartridge and open the seal. Put them one by one into the slots and the close the lid.
  4. Get the cartridge tray closed and then turn back the Canon printer on. Your error message will be automatically removed and the device will be working fine.

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