The Canon printer error E05 execute due to the compatibility issue related to ink cartridge installed in the printer. This Error E05 as studies by Canon Printer Customer Support professionals also may execute if the Ink Cartridge is not accurately installed. Further the Ink Cartridge in Canon printers comes with a small opening via which it easily gets the capability to discharge the ink which needs to be utilized on a certain paper. It is needed, when the printer is not at all required for a considerable period of time, and the ink may get easily dried up by blocking the cartridge opening. The Canon printer error code E05 is also known to be executed by the disarrangement issue of a cartridge in its holder, or even when the cartridge needs to be replaced. This is considered a common issue but yes, it can easily be resolved.

There are 3 methods to Resolve Canon Printer Error E05

Method 1: Resetting of the printer

  • Turn on the Canon printer first
  • Next, Canon Printer Support team have suggested users to hold and then press the button for at-least 5 to 6 seconds to enable rebooting process of the printer
  • It is now ready to be used by you.

Method 2: This method deals with the reinstalling and clearing of the printer blockage

  • Open the lid cover carefully from the rare top of the Canon printer.
  • Next, ink cartridge installed in the printer will automatically be visible
  • It is needed to press the two “click-locks” key which is located at the sides of the cartridge holder, and then you will see that the ink cartridge will pop-out to be taken off automatically.
  • Now, Check the cartridge if it is having any sort of dust particles, or have dried ink in its opening that could be causing the blockage.
  • Cleaning of the cartridges is required which is suggested to be done by tissue and then re-install the ink cartridge in its holder.
  • If the error still occurs then, one needs to replace the ink cartridge immediately.

Method 3: Replacing of the Ink Cartridge

  • Buying an Ink cartridge of the Canon printer from a local electronics retailer is recommended in this method.
  • Re-installation of the cartridge is necessary by following the Method1.

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