Canon Printer Error Code 5b00 is a common error in canon printers in general. As it is seen that the more and more ink spills take place on an ink cartridges, the big reason is simply due to the improper usage of the proper ink cartridge or even may be due to continuous ink system installation, this 5B00 error message is more likely to appear on the Canon printer. Well as said by Canon Printer Customer Support members, if a user has installed one of these ink systems on the printer, it is advised  to users to  read this blog post regarding ink spills in canon CISS printers which generates an error 5b00.

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5b00- Canon Support

Step 1: Working with the printer

  • As suggested by Canon Printer Support professionals, you first need to turn off the printer

Step 2: Stop button

  • Press and then hold down the “STOP’ button for a while which symbolizes the “Red Triangle”

Step 3:  ON/OFF

  • While still you have pressed the “STOP” button, one needs to push and then hold down the “ON/OFF” button

Step 4:  Release the STOP button

  • Next steps asks you to simply release the STOP button and the press it again for at-least 2 rapid taps by ensuring that the “ON / OFF” button is pressed

Step 5:  Idle stage

  • Releasing all the buttons till you are able to see the word “idle” which is being displayed on the printer screen.

Step 6:  Working with the “STOP” button

  • Press the “STOP” button for at-least 5 rapid taps and then two times again quickly on the “ON/OFF” button.
  • Turn off the printer and then restart it normally.

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Watch the Video to know steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5b00

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