The error 5C20 is usually associated with almost all types of Canon printers but it is especially falls with the MX series. It originally restricts users to printing any document with the help of their device. 5C20 issues are followed by weird rattling sounds while users take an initiative to print anything. It always points to hardware working faults and specifically it is with the printer’s logic board. But we have methods to Fix Canon Printer Error 5C20 with appropriate explanations of each step.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error 5C20 

Method 1: Reset the printer first

  • Users in this method are advised to rest the printer so that it can erase its flash memory and resets the device.
  • Keep an eye that it can often put an end to printer related problems such as one that of error 5C20.
  • It should be further noted that while you unplug a Canon printer from the power outlet, all of the faxes stored inside it are completely deleted.
  • Press the “Power button” now which can be found on the printer and wait for it to turn off completely by itself.
  • Unplug your printer from its power outlet carefully.
  • At last, you are requested to wait for at least 30 seconds and afterwards reconnect the printer to its power outlet and turn it on.

Method 2: This method applies if the first one does not solve your problems. Here you need to check for the printer’s print head

  • Check whether the error 5C20 is cause by crackling and/or rattling noise while you are trying to print something. If it is so then, the issue lies with the printer’s print head.
  • To further determine whether the cause is due to either cleaning or replacing the print head then, most probablyyou need to first unplug the printer from its power outlet carefully.
  • Now, carefully take off the printer’s cover panel to gain access inside it and lift the orange/grey lever to the lift of the ink cartridges carefully.
  • Remove the ink cartridges and perform a proper check on the print head to check for the problem.

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