The Canon printer error 6C10 appears on a wide number of Canon printers models that include MP110,MP550, MP560, MP540, MP600, MP610, MP630 and many more are there to mention. This is an error which basically a “valv cam sensor error” happens when printer absorbers are totally drenched out and need to be replaced soon. To remove this issue faster, users should refer to below instructions to fix Canon printer 6C10 Error.

Solutions to troubleshoot Canon printer 6C10 error:

Solution 1: Managing the print-head

  • The very first step of this solution advises users to move the print-head to the center portion carefully.
  • Carefully disconnect the printer and then, perform thorough check of the purge unit to make sure whether it is working fine or not? Make sure that it does not have any single piece of paper

Solution 2: Working with the printer

  • Perform a reset of the printer:
  • Next, power on the printer
  • At last, one needs to hold down the “Resume” button for at-least 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Power off the printer next and then, open its door carefully.
  • Next step is to power on the printer.
  • Make sure to close the door at the time when the cartridge is located in the center area.

Solution 3: if all the above solutions did not work out then, proceed to this solution

  • Open the lid first to allow the ink cartridge carrier to be placed in the center itself.
  • Navigating to the right section, there will be white rollers visible to you that are located just behind the carrier.
  • At the end of the rollers you will find a clear piece of plastic which sticks up strongly. What you need to do is simply to take a small piece of cloth and wipe entire ink off this piece of plastic. When it is done then, move on to the ink pad.
  • Ink will get collected in the front of the printer from that piece of plastic which is a small foam pad.
  • Now tap into the foam and repeat this process until you find the paper towel is no longer collecting ink.
  • Close the lid and turn off the printer and then turn it back on.

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