Many numbers of users reporting to facing a problem with their Lexmark x544 Printer, and they got 900 Firmware Error on their printer or computer display screen. 900 Firmware Error is associated firmware. The Firmware is a piece of software that is loaded onto a memory chip. So, within your Lexmark x544 Printer, there is a microprocessor and a memory chip. The error possibly happens when an unexpected condition occurs in Firmware or when a Lexmark x544 Printer has failed, or printer appear does not work after installing the Lexmark 6500e scanner communications card. Meanwhile, the printer does not accept the scanner communications card, or scanner communications card is not functioning properly. The possible cause of the error such as the firmware code level on the Lexmark printer is too old; it cannot support the code loaded on the “Scanner Communications Card”. This can be really annoying at times! But you don’t worry about it. Well, here the blog will explain the simple steps on How to  Fix 900 Firmware Error in Lexmark x544 Printer Then you need to follow the steps to quickly fix the error.

Steps to Fix 900 Firmware Error in Lexmark x544 Printer

The error of the software has occurred, therefore you may need to flash the firmware of the printer. A firmware update, reset or repair is required to fix the majority of these problems. As well, you need to find the Firmware on the Lexmark website, be sure to get the EXACT one for your printer.

Follow the steps below to verify and update your printer’s firmware level:-

Step 1:- Determine the Firmware Code Level

Determine the firmware code level of the printer using the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

Follow the steps to do the task:-

  • Launch Internet Explorer (or any other Internet browser).
  • Enter the printer’s IP address into your browser’s address field.
  • Hit on “Reports”.
  • Hit on “Device Information” and look for the information next to “Base”.

Step 2:- Verify and Update Your Printer’s Firmware

Then you should do to check your firmware code level is at least P128. Before installing the Lexmark 6500e Scanner Communications Card on a Lexmark X544 printer, make sure that the printer’s firmware must be at least P128 level.

  • If the code level is below P128, proceed to the next step to do the update.
  • If the code level is P128 and above, then contact to our Lexmark Technical Support team for other troubleshooting suggestions.

Step 3:- Download the Latest Firmware Code

  • Go to Lexmark Support website.
  • Click the “Support & Downloads” link in the left-hand pane.
  • Type your printer model inside the “Search by Product or Software Name” box then hit select your Lexmark x544 Printer.
  • Click the “Downloads” tab and check the latest firmware version.
  • Click the “Download” button and save the file. Make a note as to where you have the files saved.

Step 4:- Update the Code Using Embedded Web Server (EWS) Method

  • Embedded Web Server (EWS) Recommended
  • Open a browser and enter the IP address of the printer.
  • Then select “Settings”, and then go to “Update Firmware” option.
  • In this way, you can easily verify and update your firmware.
  • In any situation, if the error persists or if you are having difficulties doing the update, then contact “Lexmark Customer Support” for further help.

 Lexmark Customer Support Phone Number +1 800-824-45189

You can call at Lexmark Customer Support Phone Number, which is a very helpful number to deliver you immediate help. The number will directly connect you with our Lexmark customer support team. A team of well-talented and highly skilled technicians works 24×7/365 days for your online help. The dexterous experts will provide you the complete guide to fix this Lexmark issue or other kinds of difficulties. Hence, it assures you will grab the consistent and precise solutions to fix the Lexmark printer technical problems in a short span of time.