Printers can be operated through your computer only if you have installed right  printer driver for 64-bit. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find the compatible driver especially if your system is running on windows with 64-bit version. Driver incompatibility can create unnecessary issues, like you will not able to take printouts or get poor quality prints. Here below find out the right steps for how to find compatible printer driver for 64-bit version of Windows PC.

Search Windows 64-bit Supported Driver

First search supported driver that is incorporated into windows 64-bit operating system. You can search supported driver and install that directly into your system, and that can be found under printers and faxes under settings. After finding the same, click on next and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Find WHQL Signed Driver on MS Windows

Find for a Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) signed driver from the website of Microsoft Windows Update. To search and install that go to windows update and then follow the instructions given on the website of windows update. And if you not find WHQL signed driver on Microsoft windows site, you can search it on printer manufacturer’s website. And it’s better to take Epson printer support and find the right driver.

Compare the Physical Feature of an Unsupported Printer

When you choose a printer driver, it should be matched with the physical feature of your printer. For instance, if your printer is equipped with duplex printing of document, then driver should be also support duplex printing technology to perform this action. You can get printer driver support to get right compatible driver hassle-free.

How to Solve Issues While Installing Printer Driver?

Printers come in different models and types like Inkjet Printer, Laser Jet Printer and Wireless Printers and each of them run on different technology hence they all run through different drivers. Similarly, if you have color laser printer, you need to install a compatible driver that runs on the printer emulation otherwise it will not work or the print quality will be not good. It’s better to get printer setup support and find the right driver.