Connect Windows 10 Computer with Your Printer with the simple steps answered  by the Brother Printer Repair Support Service dep. Windows 10 is a new or latest OS i.e. operating system of MICROSOFT. It has become one of the best OS as compared to its former versions.

Connect Windows 10 Computer with Your Printer

As it supports TCP printing it is very much compatible with print and its servers and it can be used by users easily and with very friendly manner. It is easy to handle. If somebody has bought a new computer or desktop/ laptop, that person or user just has to plug it in and look as the machine detects it, after completing installation program, printer is all set to use in any will hardly take few seconds to complete the installation part.

But it is not always important that whatever u do, it will come out to be with perfection.

There might be chances that users may face issues or problems while installing or at any step during the whole procedure. But the problems will not be very uncommon and they can easily get resolved with the help of solution procedure step.

Connect Windows 10 Computer with Your Printer- Steps

  • Click on “windows key plus C” at same time.
  • Now move to settings and then click “ change PC settings”
  • To determine if printer has installed or not, click on “Devices”

If not show up, click on “Add a device” and wait OS to detect the device.

If detected that means installation will start right away.

  • If problem still remain there, then click on space which say “ not finding what you looking for”
  • Now a new page will open “help and support” for windows.
  • This new page will contain all the reason about the problems and why OS is not being able to detect the printer.
  • Now move on to advanced setup option.
  • Now printer will definitely will show up and now user can select the same from list.
  • Users can set the printer as the default printer once the installation has been done successfully.
  • The final step is to verify the installation by returning to the device plane.
After following this procedure, all the problems will definitely get resolved and the printer will get ready to use.

In case you still face the problem, nothing to worry about, you can get in touch with our Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-283-2149 to experts representatives