Wi-Fi Protected Setup is also known as a WPS, a type of Wi-Fi Simple Configuration feature for handling network security standards for the creation of a secured wireless home network. The process further allows a remote attack system to recover the WPS PIN with the help of brute-force attack. So, here, the blog will take users through various procedures to Connect Network to Enable WPS set-up for Epson Printer.

Procedures to Connect Network to Enable WPS Set-up for Epson Printer

Procedure 1: Connect the Device with the WPS Button

Tap to locate the WPS button on the Epson printer and navigate to the Epson printer’s setup page. Now, open any of the web browser to enter an appropriate IP address on the Address bar. Press the enter button to continue ahead. The next step as guided by Epson Printer Helpline professionals, users should be asked to log-in with their credentials.  It is suggested to leave the User name field as an empty. Enter the “admin” word on the Password field and hit the “OK” button. After a while, just tap the WPS button on the client device to connect to the printer’s network. Here, you will see that the device is connected to the printer by using WPS.

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Procedure 2: If the Above Procedure Did Not Work Out Then, Connect a Device with the Help of WPS PIN

Access the printer’s web-based setup page section to open up any web browser and enter a desired IP address on the Address bar. Press the “enter” button. According to expert team, enter all of the log-in credentials. Do not type anything in the “User name field”. Enter the “admin” text on the Password field and click the “OK” icon. Tap the “Wireless > Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option. Work with the client side device’s PIN in the blank field and click the “Register” button.

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