The blog is all about Connecting Epson Printer with MAC devices to allow users make use of a printer in their network which is further connected to a computer running a Mac system. It’s quite common to come across a situation where you may stick in a question to Connect Epson Printer with MAC OS X and even finding a correct Epson printer driver. This is one of the common issues which users face a lot. So, Epson Printer Repair Service is here to help you out in resolving the issue with an appropriate solution.

Steps to Connect Epson Printer with Mac OS X Devices

Before starting the process, do make sure that your product is set-up with a wireless or an Ethernet connection. To check “Start Here” section, navigate to the Epson printer support page to select a product, manual and then hit on “Start” option next.

Step 1: Download phase

  • Download your Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility and then run Epson Printer Driver Setup to continue with the process to connect Epson printer with Mac OS X by clicking on “continue” option

Step 2: – Software License Agreement  

  • Select the Software License Agreement icon by clicking on “Continue” icon and then agree to all terms and conditions.

Step 3: – Install option

  • Now hit the “Click Install” icon and then click on “Close” option.

Step 4: – Selecting the product

  • Select the type of product and hit “Next” icon.
  • It is often seen that the Windows doesn’t automatically appear, so don’t worry about it and try to open a “Finder window”.
  • Next, simply pick up the “Application – Epson Software” icons and double-click the “Epson Connect Printer Setup” icon.

Step 5: – Printer Registration icon

  • Select the “Printer Registration” button and then hit “Next” option.
  • Next, hit the “Agree” icon and then tap on “Next” option.
  • After “Register a printer to Epson printer Connect” message has been displayed on the screen, simply tap the “OK” button.

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