To Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network when you bought the new printer for home or for your workspace you need to install the software that is compatible with the new printer. Setting the printer to wirelessly, will help you to print the document or file from all over the home or office area. There are three ways to set up printer including the Epson method, through cables, and WPS. In order to solve using WPS, you need to check your router and observe the activities as well as if it has a sticker on it which says Wi-Fi Protected Setup. In case that sticker is ON the router you will have to use the WPS to set up your printer. In case, you are previously using WPS and then you don’t need to use it for this installation, might be it will turn into a cause of your whole wireless network to fail. The below mentioned blogs steps help you in resolving the issues which might occur when connecting Epson Printer to Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network

Follow the steps below to enable Epson Connect to your Epson printer in Windows computer.

Step 1: Need to make sure Epson printer is set up with a wireless or Ethernet connection. In case not, then you can do it, by connecting with official Epson Printer tech support service provider select your product, then select “Manuals”, and then hit on “Start Here”.

Step 2: Then download and install the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” through visiting the official site.

Step 3: Read the “End-User License Agreement”, and then click “Next” button.

Step 4: Next, hit on “Install” and then “Finish”.

Step 5: Now you will need to select your product and then click “Next” button.

Step 6: Then choose “Printer Registration” radio button, and then click “Next”.

Step 7: Next, choose “Agree “button and then click “Next” button.

Step 8: After then you will see the “Register a printer to Epson Connect” message, so, click on “OK” option.

Step 9: Now you will need to do one of the following:

Step 10: If you are creating a new account, then you will need to fill out the form for “Create an Epson Connect Account”, and tap on “Finish” button.

Step 11: If you are registering a new product with an existing account, then you will need to select “I already have an account”, and then fill out the form for “Add a new printer” form, and then tap on “Add” button.

Step 12: Next, click “Close” button.

Step 13: Now, you are successfully connected your Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network, so check it by printing the document.

Step 14: In case, you have any doubt or problem to follow the above steps, then you should contact with experts to get instant help.

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