When your Epson Printer faces technical issues such as of paper jam you can connect to Clear a Paper Jam Issues in an Epson Printers under the expert’s guidance. As the error could be quite annoying, and might ruin the paper while printing as well. But now what to do? Yes, unfortunately, paper jams do happen in an unexpected ways.

Below are few top steps described by the Epson Printer Tech Support experts to fix these paper jam issues on Epson printers:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Look for the readout
  • In case the paper is visible and can be easily take off you can tug it out from top immediately.
  • Open up the paper tray.
  • Make sure that all the trays are well loaded, but not overloaded, with useless papers.
  • Open up the front as well as top covers of the printer.
  • Pull out the print cartridges gently.
  • Now open the back or side covers of the Epson printer.
  • Clean all the dirty parts which is there inside the printer, if necessary.
  • Reinstall all the print cartridges as well as paper trays that were removed, and close all the lid of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer again, if it was turned off.
  • Take some time to allow the printer to warm up if it has a start-up cycle.
  • Check for the printer if it is online.
  • Turning the power off and then turning it on again is necessary to reset the printer once the jam is cleared off completely.
  • Opening up and close the top as well as front cover of the printer is necessary, if it is not yet open it in order for clearing up the paper jam.
  • Pushing the printer button labeled as “Ready”, “Start”, or “Go” button to bring it back online.
  • Check for the readout, if any, then it will read “Online” if the printer is online

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