Paper Jams in Printer are one of the most common issues among the wide group of users. A paper stuck in the spooler your next printing task terminated causing a major problem if your assignment is important from the business point of view.

The brand and quality not make so much effect as the paper jam issue can come anytime with any type of printing device including wireless printers. However, you can Fix Paper Jams in Epson Printer issue by following few useful instructions given below.

Avoid Overloading of Sheets

To reduce their efforts many people load excessive number of sheets into the paper tray of printers. Such habits lead paper jam issues which you can easily control by loading limited amount of paper at a time as per your printers capacity.

Alignment of Tray and Slider

Multi functional printers allow using different types or size of paper to serve into the printer tray and if it is not aligned properly, it can cause paper jam issue. Hence, before you load paper in tray make sure it has been correctly aligned and if you need any assistance to adjust printer paper settings just call to printer technical support.  

Keep Try Clean and Trouble-free

Anything trapped in paper tray will stop paper move properly creating a jam. And if you printer cartridge and nozzle is clogged with dust or other particles, it can cause paper jam problem. Hence, always clean you printer with recommended tools and materials, while Canon users can get Canon printer support to get suitable materials for cleaning.

Use a Good Quality Paper

Saving cost on paper can not only give a poor quality prints but it is also one of the major cause of paper jam. Poor quality paper can be easily torn and stuck while printing a task. Hence, always buy a good quality paper to avoid paper jam risk on your printer. Brother printer users can get Brother Printer support to solve paper jam issues online.

Paper jam issue is not a bigger problem and not occurs very often but if there is some technical problem in your printer you can face it regularly. Hence, Kodak printer users can get Kodak printer support and other brand users can call to their support center and fix the problem permanently and enjoy uninterrupted printing.