Wireless printers are giving a wire-free connectivity with straight forward process to connect multiple devices and get prints as per the needs. When you have one or two computers, you can put them together and connect a printer for getting prints. But if you have multiple other devices like laptop, netbook, tablet and smartphone, then get a wireless printer.

Wi-Fi or wireless printers come with varied range but setup is quite difficult process, as there are many techniques that can be used as per the printer configuration and compatibility. Wireless printers don’t have default networking a capability for desktop computers, a modem and router is use to do that. Here below you can find how to setup printer on wireless network.

How to Setup a Printer on Wireless Network

Setup Wi-Fi Printer using DHCP

To setup wireless printer you have to use DHCP where automatic IP address is assigned to network router. Select the correct wireless network, enter password and it will grab IP address from the network. At this point of time you also need to install driver as per the printer configuration and settings. Or get online help by printer repair services performed by independent technicians have extensive knowledge.        

Printer Setup through Ethernet Port

If you don’t have wireless printer, instead you are using built-in Ethernet port you can also setup printer through wireless router. However, when you try printer setup on each computer, it should also find printer and install the recommended driver. And if despite your efforts you not able to connect your printer with network, then go for USB connection. And if you need help, hp printer technical support available online for everyone.

Printer Setup through USB Hub

For non-wireless printer using USB hub is one of the best ways to share your printer over network. You can use a USB hub and plug it with a router that will allow a wireless connectivity for many users. Network-attached-storage (NAS) boxes are also useful to connect and share printer over network.

Cloud Based Printer Setup

Google allows a cloud based printer service that can be accessible from any location through internet. Open Google chrome in your system login with Gmail account and go to settings to enter into advance settings where you will find Google Cloud Print Section to add printers. After connecting your printer with Google cloud print, you can get print outs from any location. And it’s better to call on printer setup support number +1 800-824-4518 and get help of technician who will do this job remotely with right settings and configuration.