Samsung, the largest manufactures both single and multifunction facilities, designs printers for every type of user. The devices are appropriate to be used both in homes as well as offices and business setups. These devices combine the security, quality, and reliability with professional performance at lower costs, to present novelty and innovation in the world of printing. But, even these printers might show problems like Samsung Printer Error Code  0x803c010b.

Printers are invaluable hardware devices of daily use, and hence we aim to solve all your issues related to Samsung Printers. Call us on our helpline number, in case of any difficulty. Are you one of the many users to face Samsung Printer Error Code 0x803c010b? This error can occur in network printers while trying to run the inbuilt troubleshoot option in the printer. This may be caused by Simple Network Management Protocol.

Steps to fix Samsung Printer Error Code 0x803c010b on Windows PC:

  • Firstly, press Windows+Q, then type “Printers” in the search bar and then click on “Devices and printers”.
  • In the newly opened window select the printer that is connected and click on “Printer Properties”.
  • In the second window, select on “Ports” and then click on “standard TCP/IP port” and then select the “Configure port” option.
  • Next, in the third window, disable the SNMP Status Enabled option.
  • Lastly, select “OK” and “Apply” and then restart the device to get rid of the error.

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