Ricoh, the Japanese multinational company, produces electronic devices since 1936 and has millions of happy customers across the globe. Ricoh printers are built to strengthen your business, creating top-class printed documents by following simple and easy steps. They are versatile in their features, created to suit the requirements of every business setup. The printers consist of all-in-one advanced technology and are of two types – color printers and monochrome or black and white printers. But, with continued usage, these printers might show issues like Ricoh Printer Error Code SC545. Printers are important hardware devices and our pool of professionals strive to fix all the troubles and issues as accurately and as quickly as possible. In case of a problem, call us up and we assure to help you.

If you are a Ricoh Printer user, chances are that you already faced the issues with the Error Code SC545. It means either that the fusing lamp is not connected or that the user has a thermistor or a BCU board problem.

Steps to follow to fix the Ricoh Printer Error Code SC545 on your device :

  • First, try changing the temperature detector attached to the fuser and reset the printer by switching it off and switching on again.
  • If the error persists, click on the yellow button – “Clear Modes” and type the numbers 107.
  • Next, click and hold the red button “Clear/Stop” and wait for the screen to change. Then, select “Copy SP” and SP-5XXX displaying “Mode”.
  • Use the “Page Down” option till you arrive at “5810 SC Code Ret”. Then, select “5810” and click on “Execute”.
  • Keep clicking on “Exit” until the screen goes back to the display of the initial error code. Then, turn off the printer, wait for a few minutes, and then switch it on, once more.

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Are you facing the problem of Error Code SC545 on your Ricoh Printer? If you did not get a solution to fix it, think no more. We are able to offer proper solutions to fix all your technical issues related to Ricoh Printers. Call us at our Ricoh Printers Support Number for immediate assistance and support.