Printers are one of the most popular accessories for Windows 10. For this reason, it is also more prone to errors, especially after an upgrade to Windows 10. It is important to fix Printer Status Error for Windows 10 to continue printing and scanning work. Printers are an impeccable device used for multi purposes. Whether for office or personal use, we need a multifunctional device that performs error freely.

Windows 10 is a mostly-used operating system which might sometimes work abnormally after an upgrade. As new OS does not upgrade the driver of old printers, a conflict might come up time to time. There is nothing to freak out as these errors are very minor and easy-to-troubleshoot.

Several Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Printer Status Error for Windows 10

As nothing is perfect, so we should be prepared for such occasion when you printer stop performing unexpectedly. In this blog, you can find perfect troubleshooting solutions to get your device working again. For more information, connect with our Epson Printer Technical Support team for useful guidelines.

Solution1: Troubleshooting through Control Panel

First of all, in this troubleshooting process, you need to use Windows 10’s own rectifying tools. The first thing you need to do is to type “Printers” in the search box. Now click on “Device and Printers” to open Device and Printers Control Panel Pane. You can do necessary amendments here depending on the error that your printer or device is facing. After making significant changes in the Control Panel, your printer issue will be resolved in less time and effort,

Solution2: Rectifying a Connected Printer

Under “Printers and Unspecified”, look for your installed printer. Right click on the installed printer to choose Troubleshoot from the list. Now, the next thing you need to do is to follow some sort of instructions to resolve the printer issue. This method might not work always depending on the error that is affecting your device. In such cases, you need to move on to other troubleshooting methods to get rid of such errors.

Solution3: Checking whether the printer is installed properly or not

Nevertheless, it is also possible that there is some sort installation problem. And your printer is not properly connected to your device. That is why Windows 10’s troubleshooting does not work. In such situation, you need to click on “Start Button” followed by clicking on “Settings”. Secondly, choose “Devices” and finally “Printers and scanners” to search for the printer that you are using. If you cannot find the printer, click on “Add a printer or scanner” and wait for a moment. Till that time, your system will detect the printer that has been installed. At this moment, make sure the printer is on and connected properly through wires.

Solution4: Search for an Older Printer

As the printer is detected through your system, install it by following some on-screen instructions. At the same time, Windows will also install and download necessary drivers on its own.  if the printer is not listed, tab on “the printer I want is not listed” to install a printer over shared network.

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