Confused about how to fix a printer Spooler problem? Call us to get best possible solutions. One can reset the print spooler if you are receiving an error message or if print spooler service is not running.

Fix a Printer Spooler

You need to install or reinstall and if resetting the print spooler does not work. Your printer’s drivers may be corrupt, These sounds complicated, but one can fix a printer spooler by calling our technical experts

Problems that one encounters to Fix a Printer Spooler

  1. Stuck with the printer queue that cannot delete: This happens quite frequently with shared network printers on windows networks. One has to clean out the spool folder manually.
  2. The risk of sharing the printer with the rest of the networks: There is always a risk in sharing files, and any mistakes can lead to loss of data which is inevitable.
  3. The problem with sharing the printers with the rest of the network: It’s usually going to be the computer to which the printer is attached, or the local File & Printer sharing server. If you do this on the wrong network, it won’t work. Once one locates the machine that handles the printer sharing one needs to clean out the hanging jobs. The service that accepts printing jobs queues them up and sends to the printer
  4. If one printer sticks then no one can print anyway, so it is a big issue

Steps that one generally follows to solve minor problems with the printer spooler:

  • You need to type Services.msc in the Start Search field after a click on start. Hit Enter.
  • Scroll down and find Print Spooler in the Services list. Double-click to open your print spooler
  • Press “Stop,” then click “OK” to temporarily stop your print spooler so you can reset it.
  • You need to delete all files that pop up.
  • Go back to the Print Spooler settings by clicking “Start,” typing “Services.MSC” (without the quotes) in the Start Search field and pressing “Enter.”
  • Open your Print Spooler again by double-clicked king it.
  • Click “Start” to reset your print spooler and click “OK.”

Are you confused about the steps or finding the levels to be too complicated for you to perform? Are you content with the performance of your printer now? If not and if you don’t know how to fix then do not waste your time in thinking. Justdial our help desk number, our experts will do it for you.

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