Lexmark International Inc., first established in USA, 1997, is immensely popular for producing laser printers and imaging devices. These printers are for all kinds of businesses – small, medium and large, having millions of global users. Lexmark offers high performance at a low budget, with brilliant imaging services and technologies. However, with continued usage, you may find problems with Lexmark Printer Error Lights. In today’s times, we know how valuable the printers are to accomplish our daily work and so we focus on fixing all Lexmark Printer related errors, down to the tiniest details. Give us a call and we would surely help you.

Lexmark Printer Error Lights

Being a Lexmark Printer user, if you face the problem of all lights flashing, it is a service error, which means that an issue has hit your device.

The flashing lights issues can be solved by following some easy steps-

  • Firstly, try switching off the device, and then switching it on again, and try to start printing again.
  • Then, access the secondary and the tertiary error codes. If all the lights keep flashing, it is the primary code or notification. The secondary pattern of light or secondary code shows the particular place of error.
  • For a few other errors, there can be a third pattern of light, called the tertiary code, which shows the specific failures in the systems.
  • Check the error by counting the number of times each light flashes, and find out the corresponding error of the printer. It can be any one of – carrier stall, incomplete print, short of cartridges or an incorrect home position.
  • The flashing lights may also indicate low ink in cartridges or a paper jam.

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