While using Lexmark Printer, you may encounter a few errors in it. One of the most common errors is error 1102. To Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102 is not a difficult task for users, as users have experienced such type of problem when refilled the Lexmark colour & black carts. After then when they again tried 2 sets of new genuine Lexmark carts. Then both new sets show error code & monitor says ‘Unsupported Cartridges’ and refuses to print in spite of having the genuine ones fitted. The LCD on the printer shows a ‘?’ against the colour cartridge. Therefore, here the blog will discuss you all the about the Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102.  Well, Lexmark Printer Customer Service team has provided the few reasons to happening this error, includes as incorrect printhead, incorrect printhead print cartridges position, power cord issue, and so on. Although, the error code 1102 is caused by a communication failure between one of the printheads (cartridges) and the All-In-One (AIO). Then the given below procedures in this blog will help you to resolve this issue. Follow the troubleshooting solutions to get rid of this trouble easily. Or you can approach with experts via Lexmark Live Chat to get online complete guidance about it.

Solutions to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102

Solution 1:- Reinsert the Print Cartridges

First, you need to try to reinsert the Print Cartridges to solve the problem.

Follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Remove the Print Cartridges

Start by removing the print cartridges, and close the cartridge carrier lids.

Step 2:- Disconnect the Power Cord

Then you need to disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 3:- Reconnect the Power Cord

After then you require reconnecting the power cord to the electrical outlet.

Step 4:- Press “Power” Button

If the “Power” button is not lit, then you need to press “Power” button.

Step 5:- Reinsert the Print Cartridges

  • Then the next step you need to do is to reinsert the print cartridges.
  • Now try to do your task again and see the error is resolved.

But if the problem reappears, one of the cartridges is not working properly. Then go to the next solution to determine which cartridge is not working properly.

Solution 2:- Replace the Black (or photo) Print Cartridge with a New One

  • Follow the same step 1 to 4, as you have done in the above solution.
  • Then try to reinsert the black (or photo) print cartridge.
  • If the error reappears, then you have to replace the black (or photo) print cartridge with a new one. Or in case, if the error does not reappear, then reinsert the color print cartridge.
  • After then, if the error reappears, then try to replace the color print cartridge with a new one.

If the error reappears, then continue with the following solution to determine the issue.

Solution 3:- Power off the AIO

Then you should try to power off the AIO to fix this troublesome situation

Follow these steps:-

  • First of all, you need to turn off the power of the AIO and remove the power supply from the back of the unit.
  • Wait 30-40 seconds.
  • After then reinsert the power supply and power the AIO back on.
  • Now try to do your task again.

If the error does not reappear, then difficult has been corrected.

In case, if the error message return, then you should take the proper guidance and online help by Canon support experts at dialing Canon Service Number to fix this issue in the correct way.

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