Canon Inc. is a Japanese Corporation, best known for manufacturing imaging and optical products. The wide range of products include printers, camcorders, cameras, etc. Canon printers has been providing us with quality printing from the comfort of our home. The compact printers can be used for home and small offices while their pro-printer is used for commercial and professional use. With their unique image quality, canon printers are used worldwide but their unparalleled performance does not excuse having drawbacks. The Ink Absorber needs its replacement from time to time. Unable to do so, it causes damage to the printer.  To replace the ink absorber on a Canon Printer, you need to follow some specific instructions.

Why do you need to replace the ink absorber?


To start with replacing your printer’s Ink Absorber, you need to know the reasons to why replacing your Ink absorber is required. To know this, here are some of the steps that will allow you to understand the issue better.

  1. Unable to replace your Ink Absorber will create issues. Your cartridge will stop working due to excessive bloating of the absorber.
  2. The printheads will be clogged making it almost impossible for you to print without receiving imaging that will be set off with mixed prints or no prints at all.
  3. There will be other terrible issues if you don’t replace your Ink absorber in time. It might start leaking and creating a mess inside your printer.

Fix Ink Absorber on a Canon Printer


Know the steps to Fix the Ink Absorber on a Canon Printer.

The Ink Absorber pads soak up excess ink and helps in resolving issues like ink smears and spillage, but without timely replacement, the ink pads might itself become an issue for the printer. Now you can replace your Ink Absorber by following these quick and easy steps.

  1. Open the printer like you are about to change your cartridge and let the cartridge move to the center. Then unplug the printer, so that the cartridge remains in its position.
  2. Find the wasted ink absorber in a black rubber frame on the right side of the printer. Use a paper napkin to clean up the excess amount of ink that has spilled.
  3. Move on to pulling the rubber frame and carefully remove the ink absorber pads from the frame.
  4. Insert the new Absorber pads into the frame. Replace the frame into its original position and close the printer.
  5. Press the power button and plug in the printer back. Hold down the power button until the printer resets itself.
  6. Wait until the green power light turns off, press and re-release the power button. It will blink for few seconds and then it will stay lit. It means that your printer has been reset.

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If the steps mentioned above fail to work and your printer is still not printing, it is time for you to opt for professional help to know how to Replace the Ink Absorber on a Canon Printer You need to bring your printer to the experts who will assist you to replace your ink absorber pads.