Canon printers are known worldwide for their reliability and technological advancement. But like other printers, they are also prone to some issues and errors. Some of the most common errors encountered in the Canon printers are error code B200 and error code c000 canon printer mp640.

Functionality Of the Canon Printer Fix  error code c000 canon printer mp640


Fix error code c000 Or Canon Printer mp640

Canon printers are manufactured with either 2 or 4 cartridges, so the troubleshooting methods for resolving the errors will be different for both the printers. One common remedy is to turn the printer off for some minutes, remove the obstacles and turn on the printer again. If the error is occurring because of any obstruction which is preventing the cradle from moving, then this might solve your issue. If this doesn’t work, follow other methods, like:


  • Replacing the empty ink cartridges and cleaning the print head
  • Removing the print head and resetting it ensuring that the print head is correctly aligned with the front frame


In case, your Canon printer mp640 is showing error c000, there might be a problem with the electrical connections between the printer and its print head or the ink cartridge which is inserted in it is incorrectly placed. You can try several processes to fix this error, guided by our experts.

Several procedures to resolve error c000:

  • Check for a paper jam issue which the print head runs back and forth
  • Remove all the ink tanks and then firmly reseat them if the ink cartridges are not seated correctly
  • Try to reseat the actual print head.

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