Canon printers are well-known in the global market for delivering high-quality printing services to their customers. From time to time, there can be many issues which might crop up while using your Canon printers. If you are getting error code c000 canon printer mp882, contact us for fixing this issue. This error generally arises after you have replaced the ink in your printer.


Apart from this, there is another very common message Error B203 in your Canon printer. If you get this error message, it means that the temperature or printhead voltage is not normal. It’s either high or low. There can be another reason for getting this error, the printhead could be defective.


Try these solutions to fix error B203 in your Canon printer:

Fix error code c000 canon printer mp882


  1. You can disconnect the power cable from the printer, wait for approx an hour and then connect back the power cable.
  2. Clean head contacts pin condition of the carriage unit and check the cable connection.
  3. Turn off the printer, wait for the print carriage to move to left, let it go half past way then shut the cover. Turn on the printer.
  4. Sometimes you even need to clean the printhead and reassemble it

If the following procedures fail to fix error B203 in your Canon printer, you might need to replace any of the printhead, logic board or the power supply unit. Regardless of this, if you get error code c000 in your Canon printer mp882, there can be various reason resulting this issue in the first place…


Some of the possible causes include:


⦁    The packing material may not be fully removed

⦁    The ink tank is not seated properly

⦁    There might be some obstruction in the paper feed path


You can take following actions to fix this error- you can remove the packing material or any other obstruction in the paper feed path, to avoid getting this error.


Call us for our assistance to Resolve the Error Code c000 Canon Printer mp882:


If you are unable to fix these error codes and feeling frustrated, call us at our toll-free customer support number to seek assistance from our professionals to fix canon c000. They are highly qualified and experienced in solving these errors.