Epson printer giving the best quality-printing service, but any moment you can detect the technical problems while installing the printer. One of the most common problems is Fix Epson Receipt Printer Error Codes, which may associate with incorrectly install the printer. It means the printer is not correctly installed under windows; printer has an issue with a working cable and connection. The other causes of a result of this error, due to hardware or software issues.

Epson Receipt Printer Error

However, the EPSON POSprint utility allows you to easily perform Epson receipt printer troubleshooting. And then test the basic printer functionality by just verifying the printer operation with a computer connected to a printer. Thus, here the defined the simple solutions or steps to set up and perform Epson receipt printer troubleshooting.

Solutions to Fix Epson Receipt Printer Error:-

Solution 1:- Setup and Perform Epson Receipt Printer Troubleshooting In Correct Way

Step 1:- Install and connect the Epson printer.

Step 2:- Then run the printer self-test to confirm

Step 3:- Now, confirm the Epson printer settings on the self-test print out. Check for the  type of connection and setting parameters.

Step 4:-Then run the POSprint utility.

Step 5:-If Windows drivers are installed, then check the Windows Driver section of the utility.

Step 6:-Now, confirm that the printer is listed in the drop down.

Step 7:-Then choose the printer and then press the Windows Print button.

Step 8:- If the printer prints the printer is set up and installed in Windows.

Step 9:- Now, check the Epson printer driver or POS software settings to correct formatting and problems with features.

Choke the Epson Receipt Printer Error is fixed, if not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:- Run the Direct Connection Test

If the Epson Printer fails Windows print or if Windows drivers are not installed, then you should try to run the direct connection test.

Follow these steps:-

  • First of all, choose the type of connection to use (serial, parallel, USB or Ethernet).
  • Then select the “settings” option.
  • Now send a message to the printer.
  • If the printer prints then connection and settings are correct.

Solution 3:- Verify USB Connection

If the above solution fails to Fix Epson Receipt Printer Error, then this problem may be related to USB connection. To solve a problem, you have to verify USB Connection. Make sure that your computer is a Windows Me, 98, XP, or 2000 pre-installed model. Verify the instructions, and diagnose and fix the problem easily

I hope, the problem will be fixed.

In case, the error still persists, then connect with dexterous tech support experts resolve Epson Printer technical worries.

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