Error Code 077-900 in general represents an unwanted sensor input error. You can fix Dell Printer Error 077 900 by unclogging the printing path. We get this error when the exit sensors detect an internal error inside the machine. Besides, this error also appears due to a paper jam or a piece of debris or foreign object being struck inside the printer.

This error is not as knotty as you may think. By clearing the paper jam and restarting the rollers, we can get rid of this error. Sometimes, you might need to simply restart your device in order to rectify it. Dell Printers that are most likely to affect by this errors are 3130CN, 3130CDN and 3115 CN CN Dell Laser Printers.

Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot 077-900 Dell Printer Error

Paper jam is one of the most common problems that boost such errors. For Dell Printers, you need some patience legwork to resolve it to its roots. Here, you can get the most suitable solutions to fix such errors in meantime possible. Our Dell Printer Repair Services will help you to get to the roots of this error and fix it.

  • First of all, you need to switch off your printer. And remove all the Power and USB cables as well as the Ethernet ports.
  • Check whether any debris piece of papers is struck inside the machine or not. Carefully remove such documents in order to unclog the printing path.
  • Now turn on your device and look for Paper Jam error on the display screen.
  • If the paper jam error still persists, you need check the feed rollers. Clean the feed rollers of your printer thoroughly. Turn your printer off during this whole process.
  • If no errors appear on the screen, print a system setting report.
  • Now connect all the power cables and USB cables in order to print a Windows test page. During this process, check everything is working fine or not.
  • Next you need to boot your device in Customer Mode. After doing so, perform a Manual Feed Test to check if you device is making noises or not.
  • If the noises occur, place another paper tray and try to print again.
  • Finally turn your printer on after checking it thoroughly. As the printer is on, print another System Setting Reports to start using your printer again.

Dial Printer Technical Support Phone Number for Further Information

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