Printers are not about printing anymore. Some sort of printing glitches seem to trouble users on different level. In this blog, you can find the suitable ways to Fix Dell Printer Common Error Codes as early possible.

Dell Printer Common Error Codes

Dell Printers are known for its high-quality color print and reliability. Its versatile networking option helps to enhance office functionality. But over the years, some technical issues continue to pop up on timely basis. Most common Dell Printer errors that affect its efficiency are Paper Jam, Font Error, Network Interface Error, and Memory Full and so on. Though such errors are easy-to-troubleshoot, but it frustrates users in the middle of an urgent work. It is utmost necessary to get rid of these errors as fast possible to restore its performance.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Dell Printer Common Error Codes

Several printing errors can cause printer malfunction. But there is nothing to worry about. These errors are unbelievably easy to fix. Here we have discussed such errors and the procedures to get rid of them.

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Solution for Font Error:

  • First of all, you need to clear the error by pressing down the Continue button. After doing so continue to print again.
  • Now select another printer driver other than the driver used for dot matrix printer. If no other printer driver is available, this process will not work.

Solution for Invalid Engine Code:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the latest firmware update for your printer
  • Now press down the Power button with a view to turn the printer off
  • Leave the printer for 5 seconds before turning it on again.
  • Finally, check whether the error still recurs or not.

Solution for General Printer Errors:

  • Reset both the printer and the computer connected through a USB cable.
  • Next you need to restart you system followed by turning off your printer.
  • Now detach all the A/C power cables from the wall outlet and leave it for 30 seconds.
  • After waiting for a while, put back the power cables and turn the printer on.
  • Now print a test page after setting your printer as “Default Printer”.
  • For Network Printers, check all the network and printer portal settings. Also make sure the inserted IP address is correct.
  • Run Printer Troubleshooter to automatically correct any printer spooler issues.
  • Now print a test page again and perform a System Restore while the machine is on.
  • Finally uninstall the out dated printer driver and replace them with the latest one.

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