No technical device is free from technical glitches, and this applies same with the Canon printer as well. When a Canon inkjet printer is not able to read one or more of the installed cartridges, the check ink U150 error message appears. To communicate with an installed cartridge your printer relies upon a series of gold contacts on the front of your round.

A printer will be unable to print if the connections have dirt or ink.If the computer cannot recognize the ink cartridge and that it may look in a message in the computer printer software then the error message seems to occur . Contact our technical experts to know how to fix a Canon U150 Error?

┬álet’s check the probable causes :

  1. Improper installation of the cartridge makes the error message pops-up
  2. Dirt or ink blocks the gold contacts on the front of your computer
  3. Using a different brand of an ink cartridge in place of the Canon one
  4. If the program setting of Canon printer is set as low-quality print

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Few known steps that you can follows to resolve

  • You need to open the cover of your printer
  • Then remove the compatible cartridge properly.
  • Switch the printer off using buttons on the body of the printer. DO NOT turn it off at the plug.
  • Double check the label of the cartridge to ensure the correct cartridge is being installed for your printer.
  • Wipe down the contacts on the front of the cartridge using a piece of kitchen tissue or another not fibrous tissue.
  • Press the power button of the printer to turn it back on.
  • Reinstall the cartridge, ensuring the round is returned to the correct black/ color section of the cradle.

If something is physically blocking the contacts whether it is visible or not, you can usually resolve the issue by cleaning the contacts on the cartridge itself. But most of the time users cannot fix the problems, which makes the issues more complicated.

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