One of the last things one wants to see when one tries to print a document in a hurry is an error warning. The check ink U150 error message appears when a Canon inkjet printer is not able to read one or more of the installed cartridges. If the computer cannot recognize the ink cartridge and that it may look in a message in the computer printer software then the error message seems to occur. The printer relies on a series of gold contacts on the front of the round to communicate with an installed cartridge. A printer will be unable to print if the connections have dirt or ink. Contact the technical experts to know how to Fix a Canon U150 Error 500 in details. Not a single mechanical device is free from technical glitches, and this is applicable same with the canon printer too.


let’s look into the problems that develop printer ink on Canon U150 error 500 errors :

Fix a Canon U150 Error 500

  1. The error message pops-up if the Installation of the cartridge is not proper enough
  2. On the front part of your computer, if there is Dirt or ink, it will block the gold contacts
  3. In place of the Canon brand if one is using another brand of an ink cartridge
  4. When the program setting of Canon printer is set as a low-quality print, then the one gets a low-quality print


Generally, these causes the users to get error warnings messages. Do you have any clues about what needs to be done? Well, don’t waste your precious time by over analyzing it.  Contact our service center for immediate help.

If the contacts have been physically or electronically damaged then the following Steps can be used to resolve the issue :

  • One needs to open the cover of your printer
  • After that remove the cartridge correctly.
  • Power off the printer buttons. Note do not turn it off at the plug.
  • To ensure the correct cartridge is installed for your printer double check the label of the round
  • Using a piece of kitchen tissue or another not fibrous tissue, wipe down the contacts on the front of the series
  • Then one needs to press the power button of the printer to turn it back on.
  • Now reinstall the cartridge, ensuring the round is returned to the correct black color section of the cradle.


Sometimes it is not visible If something is physically blocking the contacts, you can usually resolve the issue by cleaning the contacts on the cartridge but most of the time users cannot fix the problems, In fact, cause more harm to the devices.

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