Fix Canon Printer U051, U052, U053 Error by Canon printer customer support experts. Canon printers are one of the most renowned printing devices used by people across the country but it may encounter errors like U051, U052, U053 code messages. These are the types of errors that occur while having trouble to recognize either one of the ink cartridges which has been installed by you. Users will get a message displayed as “The FINE cartridge is not installed”, “The FINE cartridge is not installed properly” or  “FINE cartridge is not installed appropriately”. First of all, “A FINE cartridge is a Canon printer cartridge which comprises of a printhead located into the bottom of the cartridge section. On the other hand, it is to be noted that only original Canon printers will carry these types of alert messages.  The blog describes about all appropriate steps to fix Canon Printer Error Message.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer U051, U052, U053 Error Messages-

Fix Canon Printer U051, U052, U053 Error

Step 1: Open up the printer to ensure black and the color ink cartridge is installed rightly:

  • Here, Canon printer needs an appropriate cartridge to be installed for the purpose of printing, even if users are planning to printing in black format.

 Step 2: Check whether cartridges are carrying all accurate codes

  • To further solve the issues of Canon Printer U051, U052, U053 error code messages, it is necessary that for the cartridge label to carry all accurate matching codes. The accuracy of these codes depends completely on the printer model. If any difficulty is being found while finding an appropriate codes then referring to instruction manual is suggested

Step 3: Ensure that all the cartridges contacts are clean

  • Canon printers use a series of metallic contacts to communicate properly with it after installed properly. If these contacts are found to dirty then, printer will have difficulty using these cartridges. These metallic Cartridge contacts should be cleaned out with a piece of kitchen tissue to ensure that any ink or natural oils are not preventing the printer from reading the cartridge smoothly.

Step 4: Change the ink cartridge: 

  • Here, installation of a new cartridge is recommended. If users are using a refilled or any other compatible cartridge then, one should cover up accurately while trying to install a brand new Canon cartridge.

Step 5: Cleaning out of all contacts located inside the printer

  • If the problem still persists then, it is suggested to clean out all the metallic contacts inside the printer.

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