Canon Inc. is an IT product manufacturing company that is based in Japan. The company produces quality printers at the various price range. Along with printers the company also manufactures cameras, medical equipment, photocopiers, steppers, imaging and optical products, camcorders, etc. Canon printers are made by using advanced technology and durable hardware. However, these printers develop some technical issues with repeated usage. Users often encounter “Canon Printer paper won’t feed” issue. To avoid the issues and to resolve critical errors with Canon printers, you can get in touch with our executives. Our services are available to the customers at any hour of the day.

Easy Steps to Eliminate Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed Issues:

My Canon Printer Paper Won't Feed1: seems likeTry to remove any jammed paper from the Canon printer by pulling the paper out from the sheet feeder in the direction that the paper goes through.

2: Lift any covers and lids, and wipe the rollers with a soft, damp cloth. A light colored cloth will help you identify dirt that comes off the rollers. Allow the rollers to dry.

3: Load new papers on the tray and make sure you don’t overfill the tray. Discard wrinkled and spoiled papers.

4: Most of allTry the process again.

5: So, If you are unable to take printouts, configure the system once again accordingly.

6: FurthermoreCheck if the wire is plugged in correctly.

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Consequently, after implementing the steps mentioned above, you might have the question “why my Canon printer paper won’t feed?” Get in touch with our experts and discuss the issues without any hesitation.