With a wide range of options for printers, Canon provides a variety of products according to the users’ requirement. Despite an excellent reputation in the global market, Canon printer errors keep creating unnecessary troubles to the printer users.

Canon printer error code u162

U162 error on black ink Canon printer occurs when the printer fails to detect ink level or printer assumes that no ink is in the cartridge. It prohibits to use print, copy, scan, and fax function unless the problem gets fixed. Even after changing the ink several times the problem remains intact, and you simply waste your time pondering over how to fix canon printer error code u162 .

If you have been facing the repeated issue over and over again, there is just one solution to it. Contact our Canon printer support team to help you fix this significant issue. The experts will make sure that you don’t face this problem again shortly. You will be entitled to receive complete service facility.

 Know more about the canon printer error code u162 :

The ink detection processes is a critical function of the printer.

The ink acts as a lubricant for the heads and running print. Without ink, the printer is equivalent to driving a car without oil. Printing will seize eventually. In this scenario, the best recommendation is not to print much without the ink so that your printer’s head remains in good shape.

Here are some reset procedures to replace the black ink problem :

With the original chip attached to the compatible cartridge and with the round placed in the printer, Press and hold the Reset or OK Button for 5 seconds to reset the chips.If you want to continue with the printer without replacing the cartridge, you must deactivate ink level detection function. Few simple steps to perform are

  • Press and Hold the STOP button.
  • RESET button or Cancel
  • Resume button and wait until it restarts.
  • Release the STOP button
  • RESET button when the printer is restarting

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