Canon is the leading Japanese company which produces top – class imaging devices loved by millions of worldwide users. Canon also produces computer printers, the first of its kind, for industrial purposes. These printers are of many types and can perform multiple functions with loads of useful features. However, you might encounter error messages like Fix Canon Printer Error Code U053 over the years. We understand your concern and our Support team strives to resolve all Canon Printer Error Code issues as soon as possible. You are just a call away from receiving expert advice and solutions.

Canon Printer Error Code u053

Canon Printers users sometimes encounter problems and error codes like Error Code U053 or Error Code C000. If you are one of them, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

 Error Code U053 might occur due to problems in the Print Head, any ink cartridges or a faulty microchip on a cartridge.

 Steps to fix the Canon Printer Error Code U053 –

  • Open the printer to see if both the black and the color cartridges are installed properly.


  • Check if all the cartridges have their specific codes attached.


  • Ensure that the cartridges contacts are cleaned.


  • Change the ink cartridges in the system.


  • Clean all the contacts inside the printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code u053?

The Error Code u053 signifies an internal error due to any obstructions in the paper feed path or any leftover packing material in the device. To fix it, first, switch off the printer, disconnect the power cable and remove both the orange tape and the white polyester. Then, close the door, connect the cable and switch it on. Also, remove all the foreign objects to prevent any kind of paper jam. Else, you should check whether an ink cartridge is empty and replace it immediately.

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Canon Printers user and facing problems with the error code U053 and/or error code C000. If you are troubled by the same issue, you must be seeking proper support. We offer you perfect solutions to fix these errors and guide you accordingly. Call us at our Canon toll-Free number, for Canon Printer Error Code U053.