Canon multifunction printer comes with a lot of built-in specifications which make it more specific and user-friendly for the users. One such specification is that if you have any printhead problem, it will notify you by a flashlight and will give you the warning to reset it as soon as possible. If you are receiving Canon Printer Error Code u052, call our experts to resolve this error in no time.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code u052

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code u052?

The printhead is an essential component of the entire printing system. Any problem with it might lead your printing device fail. Many Canon printer user comes across with error messages like “u052 and mx850”. Both these error codes are indicated to notify the problems regarding print head and they need careful attention.

If your Canon printer displays a u052 error code, it means that “The type of print head is incorrect.” This error message appears in two different scenarios- one when your printhead is not installed and secondly when it is installed but not working properly.

You can follow these steps to fix Canon printer error code u052:

  • Open the top lid of your printer. You will find that the cartridges slot will lift to the middle front of Canon printer
  • Unplug the printer and ensure that the cartridge lever is lifted up, which is located on the side of the cartridge cradle
  • From the cartridge slot, remove all the ink cartridges and the print head. Then, perform the basic cleaning cycle on the print head
  • Re-insert the print head and ink cartridges back in position into the printer after the cleaning process

Thus, your printing device is now ready to use and you can test print a sample to check whether it is working well or not. There is another very common error message “Error B200” of your Canon printers which often arises when your printing device overheats or the printhead temperature or voltage is not normal. At times, this error code can cause major trouble if not less. If you want to solve these error codes, seek help from our professionals.

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