Printing machines are one of the most useful devices that help us to retrieve digital data into hard copies. Printers are not only used in office but also at home to print documents and photos. Canon, a leading IT company, has established itself in the market with a good brand name. With multiple features and brilliant quality, Canon printers have excelled in the world of printing. However, unlike any other electronic devices, Canon also goes through critical tech errors. These errors can only be fixed under the guidance of an expert. One of the issue with Canon printers is error codes and messages. These error codes and messages have different types such as error code 5b02, 5800, 5B00, 5200 and many more.

Fix Canon printer error code 5b02

Canon printer error code 5b02

One of the common questions that users ask is ‘How to Fix Canon printer error code 5b02’?

The 5b02 error in the Canon printer indicates you have a full ink tank. This does not happen frequently, but when 15,000 pages on average are printed, you might face this issue. You can resolve the issue by connecting with our technical support team. Our helpline number is active 24*7.

Have you tried these steps to resolve the 5b02 error in the Canon printer?

Other than these steps, you can follow multiple steps by connecting with our experts. Check out the steps:

1) Press the Stop/ Reset button after pressing the start button.

2) Press the Stop/Reset button two times while pressing and holding the Power button.

3) When you release the Power button along with the Stop / Reset button, the printer will move into a service mode.

4) Press the Stop/Reset button when the LED lights in green.

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