Printers not printing documents with correct optimization is highly undesirable. Moreover, ‘Epson Printer Not Printing Black’ gives us a major blow. Epson being a reputed brand holds high expectations in the minds of the user. Technical faults are beyond the scope of your control.

Hence in any instance, you may find yourself stuck with your Epson printer producing faded docs. Keep aside your worries and read this article to learn a few hacks which can save you at unexpected and complicated situations.

What’s Causing A Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issue?

In black and white printouts you expect the output pages to be printed in jet black. A pale or lighter shade of black may lower the impression of the page. It loses the impact; it was supposed to create. Let’s see why the printer suddenly showed such disinterest in its work. Knowing the causes will prove beneficial. This way we can ensure to take precautionary steps to avoid misfunctioning of the printer.

  • Every Epson printer comes with a built-in printhead. Improper replacement of the printhead is one of the major causes. Use of incompatible cartridge in place of original Epson cartridge is a major cause.
  • Blocked nozzles may also be responsible for an ‘Epson Printer Not Printing Black’ glitch. Vents get stuck if they are not routinely cleaned.
  • Last but not the least check whether the printer has the required quantity of ink.

How Do I Solve It?

Here, we are enlisting some of the easiest yet effective methods to resolve the ‘Epson Printer Not Printing Black’ bugs. However, if you feel that your printer remains unaffected by the following methods, then expert assistance is a must.

Try the steps one by one to eradicate the glitch without any worries. The technicians have given all the following solutions. So abort your uncertainties and give it a shot-

Method 1

Switch off the printer by unplugging it from the power source. Also, disconnect the USB cables from the system. Wait for sometime. After a good pause, reconnect your printer. Now, you have to run a print test now to check if the printer is running correctly. This is the most simple step.

In case you need step-by-step assistance, you can follow the user manual. Although you will find this option right on the printer’s monitor screen. Your next task will be to check the ink levels in the printer.  

Method 2

If the ink volume is low, then you already know to replace the low-density cartridges with the filled ones. Here you have to be a little cautious. Carefully, place the cartridges in their allotted slot. Any mistake in placement will act as an obstruction. As a result, you will keep facing the ‘Epson Printer Not Printing Black’ problem and others as well.

Do not forget to remove the sheath from the vent, if you are using a new one. It can also happen that the cartridges have got clogged. Therefore, use a pin to do a cleanup if required. Ensure that you have checked every problem that may arise in this section of the printer.

Method 3

If the cartridge or printheads are not the faulty ones, then the problem lies with the printer driver. In this case, paper tweaking is the appropriate approach towards eradicating the glitch.

Keep in mind that the quality of the black ink your printer uses is somewhat dependent on the quality of the paper as well. Also, different textures of paper are available such as matte, glossy, etc. Try and update the OS of your system. This might help you.

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