A printer is one of the devices that accepts text & graphics output from a computer. It transfers all the information to paper and prints out the same information. Although the printer is very useful nowadays, it’s too hard to fix printer not activated error code 30. It occurs quite often and you do not find anyways for a solution.

printer not activated error code 30

You may find it very difficult to fix printer not activated error code 30. Here, we are to give out the best possible DIY solutions to resolve this issue.

You might try out these simple steps to fix this printer problem. If still, the problem exists then take our expert’s guidance to resolve the error.

Easy Hacks To Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 30-

Hardware related issue, software installation issue, cleaning issue, paper jam issue and many more can be the cause for the error code. All you need to do is try out these amazing and easy fixes.

  1. Give your account complete program authority:- Select the property option> Go to the Security panel, then you may edit> Now go to full control. Click OK> Apply.
  2. Printer Driver Update:- There are two ways to update your computer. You can either do it by manual or automatic option as per your need. Install your driver> Scan the driver> Update the driver.
  3. Windows system update:- You must update windows to sort out this problem. As new installation can make it easy to fix printer not activated error code 30.
  4. Microsoft PDF printer:- Don’t forget to add the Microsoft PDF printer as most possible problems occurs here. Solve the trouble immediately as possible.
  5. Printer should be set as default:- You must modify the Default Setting of the printer & employ the one which you are using. By doing this you can easily fix your printer not activated issue.

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