WiFi is the only means for directly connecting the printer to your device. Printers offer its own WiFi hotspot for you to connect with it directly. If you are unable to print desirably, your stress increases to a significant level. A printer becomes useless if you are unable to perform your essential task. Printing without WiFi is somewhat complicated. But several printers are available in the market which allows you to connect with your iPad due to WiFi.

Users might be new to technology and are hence unable to Connect iPad to Printer Without WiFi. This might deprive you of doing your important work. Seems like you are searching for reliable service to facilitate your printing session. Haven’t found reliable support services? Do not worry. Contact our team of executives today to avail top-notch services.

Connect iPad to Printer Without WiFi

Say no to connectivity issues and follow the steps:

We understand the importance of a printer in your life. Therefore, we provide you with the necessary steps for connecting iPad to the printer without wifi. According to our experts, it is recommended not to skip any of the steps:

  • Users need to connect to a printer which has the ability to create an ad-hoc wireless network
  • After that, users need to connect an Air Print enabled printer to an AirPort Express
  • Users need to set up an ad-hoc wireless network

Step 2 is only possible if you set up an ad-hoc wireless network using Apple’s Airport Utility directly from the iPad and not a computer

If you are still not able to carry out the above procedures, it is mandatory to take an expert’s help.

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