Inkjet printing is a printing device which recreates digital images by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic or other substrates. An inkjet printer is the most commonly used printer which is manufactured by Canon, a Japanese multinational company.

Especially relevant, Despite having advanced facilities, there are different kinds of problem with Canon Inkjet Printer which can be quickly resolved by reaching our experts as a result. If you don’t know how to how to clear a paper jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer, talk to our experts and avail support in your budget.


When does the paper jam on Canon Inkjet Printer occur?

Advanced features can often create problems, and you might find it difficult to resolve those at home. If you can find the root of the issue, you will be able to fix it quickly. There can be multiple reasons for paper jam:

  • Incorrect loading of paper
  • Roller damage
  • Use of low quality of paper
  • Use of low-quality cartridges

Clear a Paper Jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer

How to clear a paper jam on a Canon inkjet printer?

Paper Jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer is a very common issue which is faced by users every day. You can clear a paper jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer with the help of our professionals. We ensure to deliver you quality solutions to end your problems and eliminate the issues from the root. You can follow these instructions to avoid the problem:

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it
  • Open the paper output cover
  • Hold the jammed paper and pull slowly not to tear it
  • Pull the paper out
  • Close the paper output cover and then reload the paper

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