HP has earned a renowned name in the world of printers. It excels in manufacturing printing device with versatile design and features. HP inkjet printers offer high-end printing solutions that have made your task more manageable. These printers are compact, which allows them to fit in small spaces.

The printhead is an essential part of any printer. In an inkjet printer, the printhead is placed in the ink cartridge itself. The printhead often gets clogged due to dried ink and hence hampers your printing task. If the problem is not appropriately diagnosed, it can result in a severe breakdown of your printing device. However, the only solution to ensure the longevity of your device is to Clean HP Inkjet Printhead.

Clean HP inkjet Printhead

Wondering about ways to clean HP inkjet printhead? Apply the following steps:

  1. If you want to clean from the printer driver:

At first, click on start button and choose control panel option on your computer. Click on printer and faxes option. Now navigate to the printer icon and select properties. Choose printing preferences. Click on service tab and choose printer services. Lastly, click on clean printhead option to perform the cleaning procedure.

  1. If you want to clean the print head manually:

Turn your printer on and open the oven the cover to expose the carriage. Wait for few seconds and unplug your printer. Now remove the ink cartridge. Wipe the copper contacts present in the bottom of the ink cartridge using a lint-free cloth. After the cleaning is done, place back the cartridge.

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