Canon printer provides a high-quality output with its multifunctional scanning techniques. But, like other electronic equipment, Canon printer is not immune to technical glitches. Users often encounter the Canon printer error 6000.  It may be an irritating issue, but this isn’t a big challenge even for the nontech- savvy person.  Read this article to resolve the bugs on your own without any hassle.

Canon Printer Error 6000

Practical Issues Of Canon Printer Error 6000

  • Due to the wrong alignment of the input pages, your Canon printer may display this unexpected Canon printer error 6000.
  • Your current printing jobs may stop responding and your system may become unresponsive immediately.
  • Sometimes, you might encounter the printer is turning off after inserting the pages into the input tray of the printer.

Possible Reasons Causing Printing Issue

There could be some triggering factors for Canon printer error. So, we are discussing some of the significant reasons which will help you to rectify the error easily.

Presence Of Solid Particles

The presence of dust or the solid particles may create a paper jam inside the input system tray. As a result, the printer error occurs.

Tray Fitting Issue

If the paper is not housed correctly, then you can encounter Canon error 6000. Therefore, you won’t be able to print a single copy.

Connection Problem

Due to a network connectivity problem, you may face the error 6000. In addition to that, the driver installation issue or a faulty driver causes this issue to a large extent.

Difficulty With Document Size

If you are trying to get multiple outputs at a time or insert papers of large size, then those create a barrier in paper scanning and raise “Canon printer error code 6000”.

Canon Printer Error: Fixes You Can Try

Resolving tech issues on your own might take a great a deal of time. However, you may try with the process below. We hope, those will be suitable for you to fix the Canon printer error 6000 immediately.

Solution 1: Remove Particles

First, clean your input feed along with the Canon LF driver. It will remove the solid particles (objects, dust) from the system tray. Though, it is a primary method to avoid the printer issue like Canon printer error 6000.

Solution 2: Replacement Of Paper Feed Motor

If you find that any part of the Canon printer is damaged, then replace it with the fresh one. Especially, defectiveness of a sensor unit, paper rolled unit, etc. create obstacles in paper feed motor and generate a low-quality output.

Solution 3: Repair Input Feed Path

If you get a scratched line on the input feed path, then you have to clean both of the LF(Large Format) and EJ film sheet with the non-corrosive solutions. Otherwise, it won’t give you a suitable output.

Solution 4: Resolve Socket Issue

Unplug the Canon printer from the main socket line and wait for few minutes to cool down your system. Replug your printer and hold the Power button for 5-10 seconds to turn it on. Now, press Stop button twice and repeat the process. Finally, release the power button and tap Stop button four times.

In case you are unable to fix the Canon printer error, you can get in touch with us for a flawless service.

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