A printer prints best quality printouts when there is a proper placement of the inkjet cartridge nozzles. If the printer is not calibrated correctly, the printer won’t print high-quality prints. There are various ways to calibrate the printer. Feel free to follow the steps mentioned below that you can follow to calibrate a Canon printer. However, you can connect with us if there is any trouble while doing so. We are available 24*7 on our helpdesk to assist you throughout the process.


Here are some of the steps that you can follow to calibrate a canon printer:

Calibrate a Canon Printer

Step 1: Turn on your Canon printer and plug it on the power outlet.

Step 2: When the printer gets power on, select the option “Adjust Printer” from the printer menu. Or you can also press the “Menu” button on top of the printer. Use the central scroll wheel to select the option “Adjust Printer.”

Step 3: Select the “Calibration” option in “Adjust Printer” menu. Proceed with the “Auto Adjust” option and select “Yes.” Press the “OK” button in the center of the scroll wheel once you are done with the above steps.

Step 4: Ensure if the color and resolution of the print are correct.


These are the easiest steps to calibrate your printer. You may still face tech issue with the printer, or you might be unable to perform these steps correctly. Connect with us and get your issue resolved right away. Our technical experts are always available for the customers. You can connect with us by placing a single call.


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