Whenever you notice that your Brother Printer Offline, it can very annoying in the middle of an ongoing printing task. If your printer appears to be offline even when the WiFi button is ON, it can occur due to various technical reasons. So, check out this article to understand what can be the possible reason for getting this connectivity error in your Brother printer. Also, it covers a few troubleshooting methods to resolve this connectivity issue in your device. You can even follow these fixes to bring your Brother printer back to online mode.

Why Is Your Brother Printer Offline?

If your Brother printer offline, it can happen due to an overload issue in your printing machine. Also, the drivers in your Brother printer can be outdated, which is not recognizing wireless connections near this device. Sometimes, the issue can be regarding the Wi-Fi router that is preventing your printer to operate in online mode. Also, don’t ignore the problem of hardware failure in your system, which can trigger Brother printer driver to shut down online access. Even a little fluctuation in the printer’s input power unit can affect the device and enables the offline mode.

Apply These Fixes To Resolve Brother Printer In Offline Mode Problem

Check these following methods that can bring back the Brother printer in online mode again.

Fix 1: Set Your Brother Printer As Default Printing Machine

In case if you have not selected your Brother printing machine as the ‘Default Printer’, this device will not get priority while printing any document. To set your printer as the Default device, hit Win+R and type ‘Control’ in the Run box. It will then take you to the Control Panel section where you can view your Brother printer under ‘Devices and Printers’ option. So, right-click on your printer icon and choose ‘Set as default printer’. This may fix the issue of Brother printer offline as your system will now recognize it.

Fix 2: Assign Correct IP Address And Update Printer Drivers

To do this, go to ‘My Computer’ and click on ‘Network’. Find the Brother printer icon and double-click on this option. It can display a webpage for some printer models to check the TCP/IP (Wireless) settings. Note down these information including the IP Address and other necessary network details. Under ‘Devices and printers’, click on ‘Add a printer’ and make sure to delete the existing printer in your PC. Now choose ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’ and enter the information that you have noted down earlier. After this, install the latest Windows Update and also Brother printer driver to resolve printer connectivity error.

Fix 3: Manually Unpause The Printer And Bring It Online

Under the ‘Control Panel’, find the icon of your Brother printer in ‘Devices and Printers’ section. Right-click on the printer symbol and it will show ‘See what’s printing’. Then select ‘Printer’ and choose ‘Open As Administrator’. Now, again click ‘Printer’ and find the checkbox for ‘Pause Printing’ option. If it is already marked with a tick, then untick it. Also, do the same for the option of ‘Use Printer Offline’. Restart your PC and check if your Brother printer is online or not.

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The above fixes may or may not work for you to resolve Brother printer offline problem. So, if you are not technically sound or can’t fix this printer error on your own, get in touch with our Brother Printer Support team.

To avail technical fixes to resolve any error in your printing machine, call directly at Brother Printer Support. You can also reach our tech support executives by sending an email to our ID. To have a detailed discussion regarding your printer issues and to fix the offline error, chat with our technicians through the 24*7 live chat portal.