To Fix Lexmark Printer E238 Error Lights has been easily solved by applied some troubleshooting solutions to it. Error Lights and error messages on Lexmark Printer is a common problem, faced by many numbers of users when trying to power the Lexmark printer ON. Typically, the system returns this error when you run a program that attempts to access a location not assigned for its use. When the error message is closed, the software will also normally be shut down. The Lexmark printer error lights occur on the computer screen, due to various causes, the Printer software problem, Windows installation is not correct, Incorrect registry entry, Corrupt or damaged system files,  Computer has come under a virus attack, Miscommunication between the computer and the Windows Automatic Update service. So, if you are one of those users who is facing the same Error Lights on your Lexmark Printer E238 when you are trying to turn on the printer, then don’t worry about it. You can simply solve it, just by pursuing the simple solutions that given below.

Solutions to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Lights


Solution 1:- Clearing the Error

If all of the lights on the printer are stuck, then you should power off the Lexmark printer.

  • First, power off the Lexmark printer E238.
  • After 20 seconds or more have passed, power the printer back on.
  • Doing this process should clear the error.
  • Press the “Power” button. If the Power button does not light up, see the “The Power button is not lit” at the beginning of this table.

Solution 2:- Removing and Reinstalling the Printer Software.

If still, your error messages on your computer screen or control panel display and blinking lights on your All-In-One Lexmark Printer. Then Removing and reinstalling the Printer software.

To remove and then Reinstall the Lexmark Printer software follow these steps:-

  • Click “Start”, and then go to “Control Panel”, then” “Programs”, then click on the “Uninstall a program” option, and then find the Lexmark Printer E238, and then “Uninstall Lexmark Printer E238”.
  • Follow the instructions on the computer screen to remove the Lexmark Printer E238 software.
  • Then restart the computer before installing the software again.
  • Insert the CD and follow the instructions on the computer screen to install the software. For help, to the setup, you can connect with Lexmark Printer support team at Lexmark Printer helpline number.

Solution 3:- Shut Down the Computer

Try is the simplest way of fixing the error. If the error continues, then you should do to normally shut down the computer system. The thing is that then typically, the system returns this error when you run a program that attempts to access a location not assigned for its use. When the error message is closed, the software will also normally be shut down or if this thing not happens, then you can forcefully shut down the system to remove the error.

I hope all the above steps will help to fix this problem.

In case, the error still exists, then you can phone at Lexmark customer care number to connect with customer support professionals for getting instant support.

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You can dial Lexmark Printer Support Number anytime from anywhere, which is completely toll-free and accessible 24×7/365 days throughout the year. By number, you can connect with a team of certified and qualified specialists, which can give instant online aid anytime, when you need. The proficient techies will give you easy troubleshooting solutions to fix this issue or other kinds of Lexmark printer related technical difficulties. Hence, connect with experts now and resolve any kind of complicated to complex Lexmark Printer queries easily.