Subsequently, Lexmark International Inc., founded in 1997, is well-known. For its production of high-quality laser printers and other imaging devices. All types – small, medium and large enterprises.  Lexmark offers the best performance on a low budget with advanced technologies. In the same way, you may encounter some problems such as  Lexmark Printer Error Symbols accordingly.

How To Fix Lexmark printer error symbols

Still, you are a Lexmark Printer user, you must have experienced various error symbols on the device.

Steps To Fix Lexmark printer error symbols

  • The messages can be regarding – Toner cartridge, Imaging unit, Paper loading, Printer communication error, Insufficient memory error, miscellaneous accordingly.
  • There are six main lights and two buttons on the printer, which will convey any of these messages – Close front door, Toner cartridge low, Replace toner cartridge, Imaging Unit low, Replace imaging unit, Canceling a print job


Some of the solutions to fix these error messages are –

  • Replace print cartridges.
  • Install print cartridges.
  • Reinstall print cartridges in the proper places.
  • Remove mechanical jam.
  • Press the power button.

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