Taking snapshots is too easy. But scanning and printing those pictures might be as hard. So, below are few guidelines pointed out by a team of Canon Printer Support Number- +1-833-499-8542 to go ahead with this step?

There are two methods to scan and print pictures from a computer researched by expert team of Canon Printer Technical Support

Method 1 of scanning

  • Connect the scanner to the computer carefully.
  • Power on the scanner and then turn on the scanner which is attached to the PC
  • Place all those documents that you want to scan into the scanner.
  • Follow all the directions carefully from the scanner’s manual as well as the scanner’s third-party software to make sure that you are pressing the right buttons.
  • Crop your previewed image provided if the scanning software which you use surely offers you to preview the scan before you save the image.
  • Save all the images at last

Method 2 of printing

  • Launch the program that you use to view all the pictures
  • Open up the file of the picture which you saved earlier in this program.
  • Preview your picture, after you turn on the printer if it isn’t on.
  • Save the image file to ensure that the most current picture will print accurately, if any changes are made.
  • Use of the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P or other keyboard shortcuts are allowed so that print menu can be found in.
  • Select the printer to print the image on, as well as any other document style specifications that might need to be set.
  • Print the photo at last.

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